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You don't decide to be an artist, you discover that you are one. – James Baldwin

Instrument Rental

  The Fon-Revutzky Studio has a few instruments available for rent  

Bassoon — Fox Model IV (plastic)     —     $100/month

high D key, pro u-tube

Bassoon — Fox Model 41 (plastic)     —     $100/month

high D key, pro u-tube, whisper key lock

Saxophone — Vito alto     —     $25/month

Clarinet — Yamaha YCL-20     —     $15/month

Flute —  Yamaha Advantage     —     $15/month

Contrabassoon — Mollenhauer pre-war     —     rented depending on availability on a case-by-case basis ($150 per week)

  For more information please contact us, or email me at gerik@gerikfon.com.