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Brian Logan – Director of Bands
Brian Logan – Director of BandsWheeling High School
Our Wheeling HS bassoon students have never sounded better because they have a knowledgeable, dependable, brilliant, caring musician leading them, Gerik Fon-Revutzky. Gerik is an extremely serious musician who never takes himself too seriously. It is a pleasure to have Gerik on our staff.
Karen Shea
Karen SheaFormer Student
Gerik was my favorite music teacher (as I played various instruments and sang, I had a decent sample). He was the only one to focus on elements of music theory. Gerik is truly a skilled teacher in addition to a skilled musician. His patience, enthusiasm, willingness to explain and attention to detail contributed greatly to my bassoon skills and music education in general. Gerik involved me in the selection of which pieces I would learn and took my personal taste into account (luckily Vivaldi wrote various bassoon pieces). The inclusion of reed-making into bassoon education was an element I particularly enjoyed and believe to be an important aspect.
Matthew Moore – Director of Bands, Music Department Chair
Matthew Moore – Director of Bands, Music Department Chair William Fremd High School
Gerik is an outstanding bassoonist and instructor that greatly connects with all of our students, regardless of ability level. He is also very gifting in switching students from a previous woodwind or brass instrument to the bassoon. Our students greatly enjoy studying with him!
Sarah Behery
Sarah BeheryFormer Student
Being part of the Fon-Revutzky Studio has not only improved me as a bassoonist, but also as a person overall. The values that I learned from Gerik in his bassoon studio are the values of determination and the value of how hard work is fun. Every week Gerik does not cease to challenge his students beyond the limitations, and that is why many of them have excelled on bassoon through high school and beyond. While studying with Gerik, I was a part of many honors ensembles and ultimately had the opportunity to perform with the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra. I have Gerik to thank.