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New Bassoon Advice

I Bought a Bassoon, Now What?

BEFORE you buy – talk to me for advice on selecting an instrument to meet your needs
  1. INSURE IT!!!!! (DO IT!!!!!!, NOW!)
    1. A rider through homeowners/renters insurance
      1. Usually less expensive, more limited coverage, only for students/’amateurs’
    2. Specific Musicians Instrument Insurance
      1. Clarion Insurance – 1.800.VIVALDI (the company I use)
  1. Find a Repair Tech (know/have a GOOD repair tech!)
    1. Paul Kober (my local repairman, does excellent work)
    2. Sean Gumin (not local;  my personal repairman, does GREAT work!)
    3. You should send your instrument in ANNUALY for a touch-up!
      1. (you tune-up your car, you’d BETTER tune-up your bassoon!)
      2. New Bassoons almost always include 1st year service for free
  1. Do I need/want an easier to carry case (if your bassoon doesn’t come with a good one)? (helpful in college!!!)
    1. Gig Bag (3 I recommend)
      1. ProTec Case (inexpensive, but fairly good)
      2. Koelbl (the case I personally use)
      3. Bonna (I used to use this one)
      4. Bam Ultimate or Bam St. Germain (pricey, but superb)
  1. Do I want a better bocal eventually? (this partially depends on what your bassoon came with)
    1. A better bocal will make a WORLD of difference to your horn
    2. (this may be an eventual thing, or a never thing)
  1. Name it
    1. You don’t have to, but it’s fun, and you’ll be spending a LOT of time with it!
    2. Don’t rush it, a good name will come to you. (took me 2 years to name my bassoon, though I knew my contras name well before I owned one!)
  2. Care of Instrument
    1. Learn to maintain (basics) your instrument yourself (I can show you how!)
      1. Oil Keywork
      2. Tighten screws
      3. Adjust springs/tension
      4. Take apart & clean bassoon
    2. Humidify in Winter
      1. Humidity Packs (Boveda 72 Percent 2-Way Humidity Control)
      2. Humistat
        1. Put 1 in case in winter months to keep bassoon from drying out too much
    3. Materials
      1. Screwdriver (w/ spring hook)
        1. Springs come off, screws unscrew … keep in your case!
        2. Fixit Multitool – Large
      2. Polishing Cloth (New bassoons will come with one)
        1. Wipe off when you put it away!
        2. NOT a treated one, just microfiber
      3. Key Oil
        1. Handy to keep around
      4. Cork Grease
        1. I prefer synthetic cork grease