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You don't decide to be an artist, you discover that you are one. – James Baldwin


profile-imgPerforming is at the heart of the musician’s trade. This statement is true for me as well. I maintain an active performing schedule. I first got into music in the 5th grade, starting on the saxophone. I began bassoon studies as a junior in high school and ‘never looked back.’ My studies in music lead me more and more to believe that I cannot see my life without music taking a major role in it, and cannot truly live without performing. It truly feels as if music ‘flows through my veins.’ When I perform I feel truly alive and absolutely love it. Perhaps this is why I can somehow manage while maintaining such a vigorous schedule. But, while performing is important, I also view it as complementary to my teaching career. My performing helps me to be a better teacher, as well as allowing students to hear me perform. I am a Moosmann Artist, and I play on the following instruments: Moosmann Custom 100E Bassoon – (with numerous customizations) which I purchased new in 2018 named Natasha Bocal – currently using a Moosmann Interpret Series, Gold Plated, British Bend occasionally use a Leitzinger MV2, silver plated, British Bend occasionally use a Moosmann Excellent Series, British Bend PROUDLY playing on Legere reeds!!! (since 2012, when they were first released) Mollenhauer Contrabassoon – purchased in 2000;  this is a pre-war (WW II) contra, formerly played in the Detroit Symphony named Boris ‘the Beast’ switch between a Heckel bocal & a Fox bocal UPCOMING PERFORMANCES