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You don't decide to be an artist, you discover that you are one. – James Baldwin


profile-imgPerforming is at the heart of the musician’s trade. This statement is true for me as well. I maintain an active performing schedule, performing with numerous orchestras throughout greater Chicagoland and as far North as Green Bay, WI. I also thoroughly enjoy performing chamber music, and am able to do this during the year by performing with the Rockford Symphony’s Educational Woodwind Quintet, and through occasional performances through the Music Institute of Chicago. I first got into music in the 5th grade, starting on the saxophone. I began bassoon studies as a junior in high school and ‘never looked back.’ My studies in music lead me more and more to believe that I cannot see my life without music taking a major role in it, and cannot truly live without performing. It truly feels as if music ‘flows through my veins.’ When I perform I feel truly alive and absolutely love it. Perhaps this is why I can somehow manage while maintaining such a vigorous schedule. But, while performing is important, I also view it as complementary to my teaching career. My performing helps me to be a better teacher, as well as allowing students to hear me perform. For those interested about my instruments, I play on the following: Moosmann 100E Bassoon – (with numerous customizations) which I purchased new in 2018 named Natasha Bocal – currently using a Moosmann Excellent Series, British Bend occasionally use a Leitzinger MV2, silver plated, British Bend occasionally use a Moosmann Interpret Series, Gold Plated, British Bend PROUDLY playing on Legere reeds!!! Mollenhauer Contrabassoon – purchased in 2000;  this is a pre-war (WW II) contra, formerly played in the Detroit Symphony named Boris ‘the Beast’ switch between a Heckel bocal & a Fox bocal UPCOMING PERFORMANCES KEY: RSO – Rockford Symphony Orchestra WPO – Wisconsin Philharmonic Orchestra IPO – Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra